Author: Kevin Brosnan

  • General steps for building older versions of Firefox for Android

    Step 0: Have a current working build environment for building Firefox for Android for a recent checkout of mozilla-central. Step 1: Figure out when the revision you are interested in was checked in. hg log -r <revision> will give you a date of the checkin. Step 2: Check the revision history of the Simple Firefox […]

  • Climbing Fujisan on the Yoshida Trail

    I Hiked Fujisan 🗻 Wednesday/Thursday with my partner and another couple. Started off with a bus from Shinjuku. Bit of work to navigate the sprawling station. We planed for this but it still took about 30 min to find the highway bus terminal. It is on the opposite end of the station from the local […]

  • Servo python build error Windows 10

    Compiling Servo on Windows 10 I hit the following error ./mach build -r <time passes> — stderr thread ‘<main>’ panicked at ‘Can’t find python (tried python27.exe and python.exe)! Try fixing PATH or setting the PYTHON env var’, C:\msys64\home\kbrosnan\src\servo\components\style\ note: Run with `RUST_BACKTRACE=1` for a backtrace. Setting the python environment variable allowed the build to succeed. […]