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  • General steps for building older versions of Firefox for Android

    Step 0: Have a current working build environment for building Firefox for Android for a recent checkout of mozilla-central. Step 1: Figure out when the revision you are interested in was checked in. hg log -r <revision> will give you a date of the checkin. Step 2: Check the revision history of the Simple Firefox […]

  • Servo python build error Windows 10

    Compiling Servo on Windows 10 I hit the following error ./mach build -r <time passes> — stderr thread ‘<main>’ panicked at ‘Can’t find python (tried python27.exe and python.exe)! Try fixing PATH or setting the PYTHON env var’, C:\msys64\home\kbrosnan\src\servo\components\style\ note: Run with `RUST_BACKTRACE=1` for a backtrace. Setting the python environment variable allowed the build to succeed. […]